Wash Day and Summer Hair Talk

This past Saturday was Wash Day (and dusting day … the ends needed it!). I did the first part at home and then went to Ulta and got it flat ironed.

I started off with a pre-poo that consisted of VO-5, Queen Helene hair placenta, grapeseed oil and vegetable glycerin. I left it in for about 2 hours. I must say that I really like the results from pre-pooing. I feel my hair is more shiny when I finish!

I washed as normal, but I could still smell the sulfur mix in my hair. I washed again and thought it was gone … boy was I wrong. I could smell it when I blow dried my hair! Next week will definitely be a clarifying poo week!

I steamed with my Alterna 10 hair masque, which I am still loving. It has been about 3.5 months since I have started using it and I think it works well with my hair. I followed that up with my normal leave-ins, focusing on making my hair heat-ready by adding a bit more heat protectant. I blow dried my hair (which I hate doing now), tied it up, then went on to Ulta.

Sarah was not there because she had food poisoning! đŸ˜¦ Two other ladies flat ironed my hair and while it was ok, it was no Sarah job. I think that they did not even flat iron the ends, as there was no bend in my hair. It literally was stick straight, so I wrapped it up and it turned out OK.



Low heat regimen/protective styling for the summer

This will probably be my last time getting my hair flat ironed until my relaxer in mid-August. I am definitely wanting to start braiding and letting my hair airdry since I am big into protective styles. Also, the hot dryer is not my friend since it is becoming hotter! I have noticed having my hair down, especially when it lies on clothes, kind of annoys me. I feel that with every turn, an inch breaks off. I can actually feel the hair snagging! đŸ˜¦


Relaxer and New Growth [Goals]

I am going to NC August 20th, so I will be having Kim throw some Mizani Butter Blends in it (phew, this eliminates me having to put in the relaxer myself!)

I had Nathan measure and take a picture of my new growth. There is about an inch in the back of my hair (and it is pretty thick) and maybe half an inch in the front. By the time I get it relaxed in 8 weeks, I am pretty positive the longest length will be at the 7 on the length check shirt (I have a few scraggly ends that have grown past the 6). My hair grows in a V, so I want the bulk of the hair to at least hit the 6 (that would make me very happy! – seriously … very happy)!





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