The funny business of hair length checks

I was looking at some pictures of my hair length, just comparing how my hair is growing in at certain places. My back grows the fastest. In the world of “claiming” milestones, I understand it to go like this:

  • You can claim a length when the longest part of your hair reaches it (e.g. I claimed APL as soon as my hair hit that line)
  • You can claim a FULL length when all your hair reaches that length (when my sides reach APL, then I will technically be FULL APL)

In my case, my sides are at the 3 on my length check shirt, meaning I have two inches to go before I reach “FULL APL,” but by then, I will closer to BSL.

Sigh … I don’t know how I can speed up the growth on the sides, I guess continuing with the sulfur and castor oil massages. This is often an issue with other bloggers too! The sides are just slow-growing! I wanted to make Full APL by August, but that is not going to happen. I hope by November I will be able to claim that!!

See the circle? That’s my shortest layer. Its almost at the 3 … Sigh


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