An inch for your thoughts #6: Your bathroom smells like a Chinese restaurant

“Why does your bathroom smell like a Chinese restaurant?” Nathan asked as he walked into my bathroom last Wednesday afternoon.

“It’s the sesame oil I put in my hair,” I replied.

“Why would you do that?” Nathan asked.

“Because it’s good for my hair, Nathan.”

“Ok, whatever.” Nathan walks out of my bathroom. (He is quite jaded by my hair journey. He is tired of hearing me talk about it and especially tired of taking pictures).


I was doing my pre-poo with sesame oil, Alberto V-05 and EVOO before doing my weekly shampoo. Let’s revisit the benefits of sesame oil with some information posted by Urban Bush Babes:

-Acts as a natural sunscreen for your hair and protects from harmful UV rays

-Natural healing oil full of antibacterials; great for healing scalp infections and fungus

-Great for adding shine to your hair

-Strengthens the  root and hair shaft by nourishing it, leading to less breakage

-Is known to darken hair, so it can be helpful for anyone with grays

-Prevents harmful environmental pollutants

– Nourishes the scalp to prevent dandruff

The only reason I used this picture is because Nathan hates this stereotypical font … he sees it as racist … I get a little laugh out of it. Darn us insensitive Americans!!


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