Product Haul

Today was the first time i have bought new hair products in a good while (so proud of myself!!) Now that I have a routine and products that I like, it’s easy to go a few months without buying stuff!

Today I went to Sally’s an got some Roux 619 vials. Thank heavens it was buy one get one free! That stuff is pricey! I probably will go back May 31st and get some more, just to stock up. They come in a pack of three vials, but I combine all of them in a spray bottle. It makes the product stretch a bit further.

I also got a 2 minute Aphogee keratin treatment packet. Uh, that stuff has gone up in price, as well as well as the hard protein treatment. Each packet lasts me about 2 applications, so I will buy another one in a month or so.

The big purchase of today was a new Alterna Caviar product. I had a coupon at Ulta for 20% of one item, so I had to be wise. It was between the truffle elixir, which I use to M&S my hair or the Photo Age Defense. I talked to Sarah, my new stylist, and she recommended me try it. Read about it here!

I am excited to try it! Hopefully it will help me maintain my ends, which is the biggest goal I have. I am all about retaining length this summer!!

I will write a review about it when I use it next wash day.



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