Wash Day

Wash Day? On a Wednesday? Yes. I am going to an event tomorrow evening, so I decided to get my hair done. I wanted to wear it straight, but flat ironing it myself was out of the question. I called Ulta to see if a stylist could do it for me. They use Redken products and would not let me bring my beloved Alterna products, so I washed, treated and blow dried my hair at home and let them flat iron it. For that plus tip it was $13! Yes please!!! This will be what I do when I want a blow out!!!

Sarah was awesome. She had experience doing black hair, so that was awesome! By the time she was done, my hair looked like a white person’s!!! It was swinging!!!

I was even more proud of the comments that she made about my hair. She said that it looked very healthy and that my ends looked good. Ha!!! It is probably because the bad ones have fallen off. She said to get a cut in six weeks. To me, that means August. I probably will let her do it. I am still on the fence about self-relaxing, but I think that I am going to do it. It will save me a lot of money!

On the PJ tip, there was some Alterna hemp on sale. I am debating about whether to buy it or not. I have been so good! I have not bought anything for my hair in a while. I will need some Roux 619 this weekend, as it is almost done.

Also, I have noticed that my shedding has been greatly reduced. I wonder if it’s the black tea rinse!! I may have to add that to my regimen as a monthly staple.

Here’s my hair!! Sorry for the pimply back!! 🙂



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