Double Duty: How my oils can my hair and skin

As you know, I am in love with oils for my hair. I have used several, with my favorites being EVOO, vitamin E, sweet almond and grapeseed oil.

Today I went on for my biweekly chemical peel, which hurt today as the tougher layers of my skin are gone, leaving pink baby skin behind that is easily irritated. At the end of the peel, the esthetician put on some wonderful smelling stuff, which contained vitamin E oil. I forgot how that stuff can be beneficial for face, too!

I definitely will be putting some on my face each night!!

While I am at it, here’s a skin update. A lot of the active pimples are going away. I have a few around the chin and jaw as a present from my Aunt Flo, but they will be gone soon. Also, the esthetician said the hyperpigmentation spots are fading … Which I can tell, too.

Hopefully it will be a matter of time before my skin gets back to its glory days!!


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