Another 20% off Ulta Coupon!!

Normally, you get a 20% off coupon every few months from Ulta. The normal coupon ($3.50 off $10 or more) is helpful for small purchases such as face wash, cotton balls and astringent, but I really like the 20% of when it comes to my Alterna items, as the 20% off will always be a better deal.

Last week, I used the 20% off for Alterna Caviar Photo Defense. Now I get to use it on my Alterna Elixir Truffle! Score!!!

Here’s the link to the coupon … hurry, it’s good through this Saturday!!


TIP: It’s good for one item only at the time of purchase, but you can always make multiple trips! ;o)

An inch for your thoughts #6: Your bathroom smells like a Chinese restaurant

“Why does your bathroom smell like a Chinese restaurant?” Nathan asked as he walked into my bathroom last Wednesday afternoon.

“It’s the sesame oil I put in my hair,” I replied.

“Why would you do that?” Nathan asked.

“Because it’s good for my hair, Nathan.”

“Ok, whatever.” Nathan walks out of my bathroom. (He is quite jaded by my hair journey. He is tired of hearing me talk about it and especially tired of taking pictures).


I was doing my pre-poo with sesame oil, Alberto V-05 and EVOO before doing my weekly shampoo. Let’s revisit the benefits of sesame oil with some information posted by Urban Bush Babes:

-Acts as a natural sunscreen for your hair and protects from harmful UV rays

-Natural healing oil full of antibacterials; great for healing scalp infections and fungus

-Great for adding shine to your hair

-Strengthens the  root and hair shaft by nourishing it, leading to less breakage

-Is known to darken hair, so it can be helpful for anyone with grays

-Prevents harmful environmental pollutants

– Nourishes the scalp to prevent dandruff

The only reason I used this picture is because Nathan hates this stereotypical font … he sees it as racist … I get a little laugh out of it. Darn us insensitive Americans!!

Healthy hair ends and a ponytail

I pulled my hair into a ponytail the other day and was pleasantly surprise by the length! I also was pretty excited about the ends, as they look healthy. I am a bit worried, as they look too good. Something has to give, right?

Keeping my ends healthy is my ultimate goal this summer. I plan on accomplishing this by continuing my M&S, but paying close attention that they are not overloaded with moisture and making sure that they get a good balance of protein and moisture to keep them strong and hydrated. Also, protective styling!!!!! I would like to do more heatless styles, but as I said, my hair doesn’t respond well to them and the ends snap off worse than if I would have done a simple roller set. I read something about using hemp seed oil on my ends, but I may do that in the fall.


Length check!!

I had my hair down and wanted to take some pics in my length check tee. I am getting close to the 7 (my goal for my next relaxer in 2 months)!!

Remember 9 is BSL … So in my longest layer, I have three inches to go!



I ♥ Alterna!!

As everyone knows, I love my Alterna products. I have been using them off and on for the past five years and consistently for the past three years. Two of my [black] stylists highly recommended these products. I remember at first being like “Those are products for white people!” to which Tammy replied, “They are for ALL people!”

These products are amazing and I cannot say enough about them and how they have helped the health of my hair. I know some people can grow long hair with cheapie products, but I have to have these products. They cost a lot, but to me, healthy hair is definitely worth it. I recommend them to people who are experiencing any type of hair malady. You can get travel sizes for a decent price online or try the Caviar Experience Kit for about $30 at Ulta or Sephora. I buy most of my Alterna products online or at Ulta (as you can use their handy coupons on them and save yourself some money!)

Here are the products that I use from left to right: Alterna Life Solutions Scalp Therapy shampoo, Alterna Life Solutions Clarifying Shampoo, Alterna Caviar Shampoo, Alterna Caviar Moisturizing conditioner, Alterna Caviar Overnight Repair, Alterna 10 Hair Masque (in front), Alterna Caviar Texture cream (in back), Alterna Perfect Blowout Creme, Alterna Caviar Photo Denfense, Alterna White Truffle Elixir Hair Repair, Alterna Caviar Working Hair Spray, Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Polishing Serum


NOTE: I buy these products with my own money and am in no way compensated by Alterna (though I which I was … free products would be great!) 😮

Excellent blog post by Derby City Naturals!!

derby city naturals

Black Hair. White Hair. Biracial Hair.  These terms seriously irk me. They are not real and they don’t exist.  These terms focus on common stereotypes and lead the consumer to believe that they can only use products geared toward their skin color.  The devil is a lie.  

Hair is hair people.  Now there are difference in texture, type, porosity, density and elasticity but that cannot simply be drawn among color lines.  Black hair is said to be dry, tightly coiled, very dense and coarse in texture.  However these properties are not exclusive to Black hair, nor does every Black person have these properties.  White hair is said to be oily, straight, limp and fine.  Likewise,  these properties are not exclusive to White hair, nor does every White person have these properties.

Take a stroll in the beauty department in your local store.  They have a section of beauty care…

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Back in January, I made the goal that my hair would be the length that is in this picture, which was taken back in January 2006. My hair was APL, which was the longest my hair had been in years. I lost this length due to the damage from color … (now if my skin would go back to being this clear … :o)



Sorry you can’t see more of the length … Darn ruffles on my sleeves! I’m trying to hold them back!!