Retin A Micro: You’re Out!

It has been a week since I have used Retin A Micro. After spending the last two Saturday afternoons in tears due to my horrid breakouts and starting antibiotics to help reduce inflammation, I made the decision (well, actually Nathan made me) stop using it last Thursday.

I got a horrible breakout around my mouth two weeks ago and it stuck around for a week. It was horrible! I now have these hyperpigmentation marks to remind me of how the unwanted pimples set up home on my face! They are slowly fading away, but I still have to wear makeup.

This week has been so much better! I have not had a lot of new acne. I am using the oldie-but-goodies, salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. I also started using a glycolic acid moisturizer to speed up the clearing of the pigmentation marks. The ones that I have are healing and scabbing over, leaving newer pink skin underneath.

I was holding out hope for Retin A Micro. I used it with such good results 8 years ago, but I guess my 28 year old face did not like it. It may have been too strong. I was not going to wait around and ruin my face any longer, waiting for it to work, either.

Here’s to clearer skin!! :o)


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