A Different Look

I know, I know. It’s been a while. I have been busy! Between battling my skin (update coming soon!) and work, I have not thought much about the hair. I M&S daily, tie it up and go about my business.

I had to go to Redmond, OR for a site visit. I stayed in a hotel where the mirror was on the back of the door, which faced another mirror. I caught a glimpse of my hair in the reflection and was quite pleased! It has really grown! It’s hard to tell when you look in the same mirror day in and day out!

Tomorrow is Wash Day! I’m have unofficially moved it to Saturday. I think it’s better for my morale to have a nice head of hair on Sundays. That truly is my day of rest!!

I think I will try the black tea rinse tomorrow. That will add another 30 minutes to my routine. Don’t get me wrong, I am loving the fact that my hair is healthier, but like Jillian Michaels says, “if you want results, they don’t come for free!” It takes me a lot of time to do Wash Days, whereas my blow outs only took me an hour!

I am looking forward to getting my corrective relaxer in a few weeks. There is already a decent amount of new growth, so this will get me on track to keep my every 3 months routine … Stretching more than that is not for me!

I will post pics and results from Wash Day. Also, I made a new length check shirt! The one I was using was not the best and I wanted something to keep track of my growth more accurately.


    Measurement Legend

5 – APL
6/7- Full APL
9 – BSL
12 – MBL
14 – WL

I am currently at 5. So I guess that means I have 4 inches to BSL! For some reason, BSL keeps getting further away the longer my hair gets! It’s like it’s elusive!! But we will get an accurate length check when I flat iron in early May. I am confident some strands will hit the 6!

Ahhhh! Hurry up BSL!


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