Wash Day and a new product!

I did my hair on Saturday (it was kinda nice having Sunday to lounge around and enjoy the beautiful weather!) and it turned out quite nice!

I was a little ticked at the roller setting process. It did not seem to go as fast as I wanted it to and I was a bit tempted to blow dry and flat iron, but alas! I remembered the challenge and I hung in there … and I am glad I did! Today is Wednesday and it still looks good! I honestly think that the Lotta Body, the 1 hour and 15 minute minimum under the dryer and the Game of Thrones book to keep me company has been the key to these last two roller sets.

I did the Aphogee 2 minute Keratin treatment in the shower with one of my turbans (more to come on this). Instead of hopping out of the shower and going under the dryer, I wrapped my hair up in the shower and steamed the treatment in. I am going to do the hard protein treatment on April 27th, when I do my relaxer prep routine (clarify, hard protein, deep conditioning, rollerset). My hair did not break off as much this time, as I was gentler with the new growth.

I finally got around to using the Silk Elements Megasilk! The smell took me back to 8th grade for some reason. I think my stylist used to use that stuff! It smelled very good! I steamed it in, rinsed and did my usual leave-ins. I must say, I am impressed. I will probably buy another packet soon, but I am still in love with my Alterna 10 hair masque … but when I want to give that stuff a break, I will use this!

Monday marked the 3 month anniversary of my hair journey! It seems that these months are just rolling on by! I am really really proud of my progress thus far. I obtained APL two months ahead of schedule and hope to be full APL by June! I have not straightened by hair in a while, but when I get my hair relaxed in May, I plan on getting a blow-out and flat iron so that I can do a length check then. It is growing, as I can see some new growth in the crown area!

Here’s to continued success on my journey!


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