Wash Day Success!

Today is Sunday, ergo today is Wash Day.

This morning I started with a prepoo of honey, V-05, EVOO and other oils (they are all mixed up in a bottle).

I kept in for about four hours and did my normal wash, condition in shower, steam with Alterna 10. I roller set it, per the Challenge. I was a bit rough when detangling my hair in the center, which showed when there were broken hairs in my hand after taking the rollers out. I was a bit disappointed, but it was my fault. I need to be patient with this texlaxed hair, as I have three textures going on at the moment. The breakage were long hairs, so it probably was at the line of demarcation. It’s time for a protein treatment anyway, so I think next week will be the perfect time to do a hard Aphogee. It’s been about three months since the last one.

I also had good number of shed hair (trust me, I inspect each hair that falls out of my head … No joke!), but I am sure this is because I hardly shed during the week, so more comes out each wash day. It has been like this since starting this low-manipulation regimen.

Well, today was the best roller set ever (that I have done)! It really makes me smile!!



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