Pros and Cons of Being a Product Junkie

Hi. My name is LaShanda. I am recovering product junkie (pj).

I am almost three months into my journey (ok, so maybe time does fly when you are having fun!) and reflecting on my journey this far. I think the biggest external factor (meaning that it does not relate physically to my hair) is my product junkiness. I remember when I first started this journey and was reading countless blogs. Each blogger had their own panacea(s) of what helped their hair, what we should buy, blah blah blah. Well, a newbie to this journey I did just that, bought products that others touted. Ah, how can I forget coconut oil that ravaged my ends or the Hawaiian Silky that dried them out?

But hey, isn’t that what a journey is for? Seeing what works (this saying feels like déjà vu!)

Well, I may have found a round of products that works for me (they were here all along … Yay for Alterna!), but that still doesn’t mean that I have fully recovered from my pj ways. I catch myself lurking the hair care aisles for new products to try … Just to see if they work like others say they do. What if I am missing out on something?? For instance, there is Herbal Essences Split End mender (formerly known as Long Term Relationship). I have heard mixed reviews on how good it is … But I am itching to try it! But I remind myself to stick with what I know … And has been proven effective for me.

So what are some of my identified pros and cons of being a pj?

1. You try new products that may be perfect for your hair.
2. You are able to write reviews about the product and help others who are thinking about using it.

1. Spending money on these products.
2. Using a product that causes a setback.
3. Having an inconsistent routine can hinder hair growth and hair.
4. Using too many products can make identifying ineffective ones harder.
5. Spending money on these products.

Well, to any recovering pjs out there, you are not alone! Stay strong and think about this … “if it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it!!”


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