Winter is f’in coming!

Ah a combination of my two favorite shows on HBO (Game of Thrones (GoT) and Eastbound and Down). I would have included a reference to “Boardwalk Empire” in there, but I am stilled miffed at the ending of Season 2 where they knocked off Jimmy Darmody. I remember that murder scene kept me up that night, upset and anxious, like I had bills to pay with no money to pay them. Well, I am also still reeling from the death of Eddard Stark in GoT season 1, but now that the season’s approaching, I can’t stay mad too long!

GoT season 2 starts Sunday, April 1 and I am stoked! Nathan and I have revisited Season 1 after watching it in the fall by buying it on Blu Ray. I am also going to start reading the books (it will keep me occupied while under the hair dryer … eh!) I have been told by numerous people that reading the books will provide more depth and appreciation for the characters. I will post sometime when I start reading them.

It is funny that I even watch this show, as I am no fan of fantasmagorical things, such as Lord of the Rings, Star Wars or SyFi (that odd channel that shows H-list actors in these horrible movies), but from the first episode of GoT, I was hooked! Maybe it was the intriguing storylines, the incessant nudity, the charismatic and paternal charm of Eddard Stark or the hotness of Jason Momoa (Heaven help me, I love that man) that kept me begging for more!

As anyone who has ever loved an HBO show knows, its damn near a year before the next season starts and the anticipation for this show couldn’t be any higher. I predict there will be about 4 million people to watch this show (and that’s a good number, considering HBO is subscriber only!). The show garnered a fan following after the premier and over HBO On Demand, so I know all my brethren will be ready come Sunday night!

Hurry the heck up, Winter!!!



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