Wash Day – NC State Sweet Sixteen Edition!

Today I had the day off from work, as we are furloughed today. It truly has been a glorious day! I have cleaned the house, organized my bathroom, unpacked Nathan’s suitcase from our trip to NC from almost three months ago and am now doing my wash day.

I did an extra long prepoo this morning. I used EVOO, cheapie conditioner, honey and my hot oil mix. I applied in four sections and put on a shower cap and cleaned the house. In total, I had it on for about three hours.

Followed that up by a clarifying shampoo today. I felt that it was time, since it had been about three weeks since my last. Now I am under the “steamer” doing my Alterna 10 deep conditioning treatment for about 30-40 minutes. I will roll my hair today. Now that I am getting better, it’s not as daunting as it used to be!

This evening NC State plays Kansas for a ticket to the Elite Eight. I have an ugly feeling about this!!! I know we can do it, but it definitely is going to be hard!! I am supposed to head into Portland to watch it at Buffalo Wild Wings (gross!!!), but we will see how I feel later this afternoon.

Will post pics of the final result!!

UPDATE on 3/27 – I was not pleased with the final result. My roots were a bit too puffy (more to come on that). I am not feeling the saran wrap, as it also makes my hair puffy. I am just going to roller set and let the curls fall where they may. I think the first night I may where it in a traditional wrap, just to give it some shape. I also got some Lotta Body to use as a setting lotion … Hopefully it will work well for me!


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