That ish cray!! Fake hair tips from Glamour!!

Today I was thumbing through my free issue of Glamour (a magazine I loved in my early 20s, now I feel it no longer applies to me! Maybe I am moving towards O!)

There was an article that had me in disbelief, especially now that I am on a HHJ! It was about Beyonce and some beauty tips. It detailed how she liked sulfate-free shampoos and hot oil treatments, which is totally awesome … Like a rich person should know that. Then they proceeded to show her hairstyles … Which of course was NOT her hair, but her lace-front wigs. They beamed about how beautiful these styles were and blah blah blah. I just laughed! It reminded me of when she was doing Loreal ads for hair color … Which was nothing but the color of her lace-front wig.

Yeah, so what’s your point? you ask … Well it is disappointing that black women do not have more hair idols to look up to that actually wear their real hair. There is Michelle Obama and Oprah and a few natural sistas, but the vast majority of black women in Hollywood wear fake hair. That’s why I laugh when I see bloggers have “hair crushes” on women with fake hair … Why crush on it when you can buy it??!

Well I had to vent … Thanks for listening!!

Look at her lace-front!



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