Uh-oh: Hairorexia has set in …

If you look back at my post before my relaxer, you will see a bullet point titled “This is your journey … no one else’s” (or something to that effect). I wanted to encourage people to feel empowered by their journey, as it is easy to compare yourself to others who have been on their journey 3 or 4 years. But now … I have fallen victim to “hairorexia” … which pretty much means that the hair (or growth) that you have is never enough (think anorexia for the hair … hence the name!) and that when you look at the hair, it’s always “short.” Mind you, everyone will have differing opinions of “short.”

I look at some of the sistas online with MBL/WL hair and am like “Damn! When am I going to get there?” Then I have to remind myself that I have made some pretty impressive strides myself since beginning on this journey 2 months ago and  that in time (and God’s will), I will be there myself.

Sometimes when I am trying a styling video from YouTube, my APL hair feels so inadequate compared to people’s full APL/BSL/MBL/WL. I did a fgrogran pin curl last night and it was cute, but not as long as hers (she appeared to be about BSB). I have to keep it all in perspective, eh? I had Nathan take a picture (bless his heart, he is so tired of taking these pictures for me … he just sighs and groans when he sees me holding my iPhone out to him) and I am still amazed with the growth that I have had in the past two months.

Take a look (and take that, everyone, my hair is growing, too … snapping ends and all!)

Sigh: looking at these pictures still makes me think that my hair has not grown at all …

January 2012

March 2012


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