Wash Day, First Dusting and a Challenge!

I washed my hair this past Saturday because my alma mater, NC State, was playing in the NCAA tourney on Sunday morning! I wanted to look fresh for our victory (and I did … because we won!)

I pre-pooed with some hot oils, Alberto V-05 strawberries and cream conditioner and veggie glycerin. Then I shampooed as normal, followed by a quick comb through of Alterna conditioner. I put the Aphogee 2 minute keratin treatment on my hair and sat under a dryer for 10 minutes. Then I did a steam treatment with my Alterna 10 hair masque. I am getting quite good with rolling my hair … it only took me about 30 minutes and I had pretty good results! I took out the rollers, did a silk wrap, then cross-wrapped it.

This may sound quick, but it took me close to 4 hours to do all of this! Sometimes caring for your hair is exhausting!

Yesterday I took it down and it looked OK, but I knew something was a miss. It was not as “flowy” as normal. I cannot put my finger on what I did differently … maybe my hair was not feeling the protein treatment or maybe I did not cross wrap it properly. I do not know …

After the game yesterday, I came home and decided it was time to dust my ends. They needed it … for sure! My hair looked and felt so much better after I got some of those raggedy ends off! I sifted through the hairs, looking for splits. I did not see many of them, but I did see one single strand knot! My hair is still at APL length, so it was less traumatic than going to Great Clips and losing an inch or more.

I moisturized my hair, but felt I needed to steam that moisture in, so I put some Caruso rollers in … just for quick curl. I did not care how they turned out, as I am bunning my hair ALL this week!

I do not plan on co-washing mid-week this week, as I plan on doing a Wash Day on Thursday evening. I am off Friday, but NC State plays and I do not have time to be fussing with my hair!

Since I am too late to join other people’s rollersetting challenges, I will do my own personal one! The goal is not to use any direct heat on my hair (blow dryer or flat iron) until April 30th! This may be hard … but I think that I can do it! Especially now since I have the Carusos.

Wish me luck!

My hair after the dusting … It looks a little jacked up, but it’s not. Its just how I had my hair laying! I am debating getting a blunt cut once I am full APL this summer.



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