Steam rollin’!!

Today I decided to buy some steam rollers. I saw some ladies on YouTube rave about the Caruso steam rollers and how bouncy they made their hair. I was intrigued. I am beginning to think that my hair does not care for being air dried and then left to its own devices. I think it needs heat to set the style, as I noticed that I lose a lot less ends that way.

Today I came home, co-washed and applied my leave-ins. I was in a rush, so I blow dried my hair on cool.

I put the rollers in, left them in for an hour while watching my Judge Mathis (love that man!) …and voilá! I had some bouncy curls! I love them! They we’re a tad fuzzy, so I smoothed the curls down with some sweet almond oil and placed them in pin curls. I will post how they turn out in the morning!

Curls from tonight (head is leaning down)



This AM 

The pin curls were a no-go. They left my hair kinda spastic … like the curls were every-which-way … next time I will just cross wrap. So I decided to get up earlier than my usual 5:30 am and re-roll them. All you need is about 15 minutes. I got ready and took them out about 40 minutes later and had pretty curls (not as pretty as last night, but I think that is because of the pin curls from this AM). I hand-combed them and they were soft waves. I clipped up half and went out the door (NOTE: my hair was uber moisturized so I did not apply anything … I think my hair likes the sweet almond oil … I need to use it more often!). Well, the Portland wind came in and blew it away! I should have used my hair spray … oh well. It needed to be bunned up anyway!

I think this is going to be the style I use when I want to air dry my hair and get up and roll it up in the morning! Sunday is my next wash day … so I will see how I feel and whether I want to roller set it (truth be told, I hate roller setting my own hair) or not.

We will see!


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