Game change: journeying to full APL and BSB

Now that my hair is APL, I feel that I am going to have to do some regimen tweaking. Honestly, I am a bit exhausted worrying about my hair, the ends, every piece of hair that comes out of my head. I really need to focus on other things (e.g. working out more). As my regimen becomes more simpler and I figure out what my hair likes and don’t like, I have composed these thoughts:

1. According to others, once hair reaches APL and starts inching down your back, your hair may require more protein because too much moisture can thin out your ends. I may need to incorporate the 2 minute Aphogee reconstructor every other week instead of every 3.

2. Even if I air dry my hair, I need to steam roll them or do some sort of style other than a bun, as my ends do not do too well with air dried hair (not sure why, but that is what I have observed and I respect that).

3. To heck with these ends! Yeah, they are not that bad … but I have become very high-strung about them. I assessed them in the shower when they were wet (oftentimes, hairs most vulnerable state) and they looked fine. I am just used to perfect ends because I cut my hair every 6 weeks. My hair is a bit uneven in places, but you really cannot tell and that is totally natural (sans the breaking ends). I can honestly say that I am retaining some length (a pic is worth a thousand words), so they must not be that bad. They are definitely no where near as bad as last month. I am just going to do my best to condition, protect and whatever, but I am going to let my hair do its thing. If they break off, whatever … then that means I do not need a trim (contrary to popular myth … hair will not “break up” the hair shaft if not trimmed!) (NOTE: I probably will dust in the next 2 weeks).

4. Co-washing is king! I love this! My hair does very well when co-washed, so I think this is definitely something I will incorporate more into my regimen.

5. Protective styling is king! I know that wearing french rolls, buns and clips can be mundane, but I do not have the time to deal with wigs, weaves, braids, etc. I really believe that protective styling has helped me retain some of this length! I really do not care to wear my hair down, as I feel that it is exposed to the elements and my clothes. Sometimes I can hear my hair snagging! OUCH!

6. Look to the future! My next stops are full APL (projected by June 2012 [about 1.5 inches away]) and BSB (below shoulder blade; projected by November 2012 [about 3 inches away]). I also factored in about a half-inch trim into each of these projections.

I look forward to my continued healthy hair journey! 🙂

The name of this post was inspired by this movie. It was great, by the way!



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