Guess where I am???

Under the damn dryer!!! What? How can that be? “Didn’t you just spend all night and $80 at the salon last night?” you ask? Yep, I did, so what the hell-o happened?? (I am seething with anger now).

As pretty as my hair turned out last night, it did not look anywhere as pretty this morning. When I got home, I noticed it was dry looking and some ends were in the sink (mind you I am already paranoid that I lost two inches to dead ends last night, for some reason). At the salon, she did not give me a deep conditioning treatment. Mind you, I am used to doing deep conditioning treatments every week! Even Nathan noticed it was dry and had no luster. As I mentioned, I am a lo-po, meaning moisture really has to be infused into my hair for it to take. I decided to do a co-wash and steam my Alterna 10 hair masque into my hair for 40 minutes. I will post the results later.

Now I know that I need a deep conditioner every time I do my hair! It is what my hair likes and that is what my hair will get! Now I see why I like to do my own hair. I do not care if it takes me three or four hours each week … At least I know it gets the attention and moisture that it needs!!


/end rant

I ended up steaming with my Alterna 10, blow dry and flat ironing! It feels so much better! I am still miffed that she did not do a deep conditioning treatment.

In other news … Guess what? I am claiming APL!! Hahaha! The ends are past my armpits!!! If I wait until all the hair reached APL … I will be MBL in the back!!!! Screw it! I measured and I have about 4.5 inches from BSL (I measured from my actual hair).






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