Two months in, what have I learned?

It has been almost two months since embarking on my HHJ! I cannot believe it! It has been full of ups and downs, but that is what a journey is for, right? To learn? To gain insight? To revel in successes and ponder and rectify the failures?

I want to share my thoughts and experiences this far. When I look back over this, I will be eager to see if these remain true or not! 🙂

1. Relaxing hair should be on its schedule, not yours. – I would relax three months like clockwork, not paying a bit of attention to the new growth or health of hair! Assessing the amount of new growth, breakage and other hair issues should be a big part of the relaxer prep!

2. Know your hair, its needs and plan accordingly. – When I learned about my hair, that is when I got smart about the products that I used. I do not need to use a bunch of porosity control products, because that is not an issue for me. My hair would not respond to certain products because they did not need them!

3. Bandwagons are fun to jump on, but bad to fall off of! – When I started my HHJ, I rushed out a bought any product that people mentioned worked “wonders” for their hair. Ya, its great someone likes Roux Porosity Control, but I do not need that! Sure, coconut oil makes your ends feel like “butta,” but they make mine feel like straw!

It has been fun (but expensive) buying products to see if they work for my hair. Some of the things I have heard about are great (essential oils, grapeseed oil), but a lot of stuff (Hawaiian Silky, Country Life Maxi Hair, coconut oil) was a dud for my hair. Now I think that I am in a good groove, having products that I know work for the type of hair that I have!

4. Protective styles are your best friend. – I think that I will retain a good portion of my length (sans the snapping ends) due to keeping my hair off my shoulders and clothes. Keeping those ends protected is KEY!

5. Put down the scissors! – I am definitely not one to cry over losing length. I HATE raggedy ends! At the first sign of trouble, I would rush to the stylist (or my drawer) for a cut! I did not realize that I did not have split ends, but dry ends that just needed moisture and care.

6. Battling ends is tiring. – Ok, I know that for the most part, I have had success on this journey. I have grown my hair, learned about what I need to take care of it and how to best go about it. But one thing that I hate are these ends. Now I KNOW that I am a big part of it … these ends are about 2.5 years old … had to most of their lives in Hawaii’s climate with little care … they were flat ironed and blow dried constantly with little moisture. They had to spend most of their days sleeping on cotton pillow cases with no protection. WOW! It is amazing that I have any hair at all. Well since I put it that way, it put it all in a bit of perspective.

7. This is your journey … no one else’s! – Every blogger will tell you that this is your journey … they can only give you tips. They cannot make your hair grow, they cannot save you from setbacks (but their tips may help alleviate it). Everyone’s hair grows at their own rate, so do not get disappointed because someone else’s hair grew 12 inches in a year! I will say that I have been fortunate with regards to hair growth, but not everyone will be. There will also be setbacks. Just remember you and God are on this journey … and you will get where you want to go in His time!



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