Relaxer Day is here!

Well today is the big day! The 16 week relaxer stretch is officially over! I really cannot believe that I made it this long without a relaxer. It sure took me being creative to pull it off, but it worked. I did not experience excess shedding or breakage, which are often tell-tale signs that one needs a relaxer.

I think my salvation was that I sprayed my new growth which kept it moisturized, used deep conditioning treatments and adopted a low-manipulation hair regimen. Also reducing heat has made a dramatic difference as well! 🙂

I am quite eager to see how my hair will turn out today! Today I have my hair in two Afro Puffs, as that is about all my hair will do. I don’t really care, as my face hurts terribly from the use of Retin A Micro and I am dealing with this horrible ordeal.

I honestly believe that a few strands will hit APL today. When I stretched my hair out to take my last picture before my relaxer, it was about half an inch from the APL line. I also took a picture to give an idea of how much I have to grow to get to certain milestones.

I am about 4 inches from BSL, so that is about another 8 or so months away. Shoot … if I keep the growth rate I have now … I will be there in 5! (Which will not happen). I am about 7 inches from MBL – that is so far into the future, I am not even thinking about that! If I can reach BSL by December, I am smiling!

Results from Relaxer Day
As I write this, I am jittery! Excited to see the results of my hard work! I am almost dry.

Today it was confirmed that my hair was low porosity, my hair did not want to straighten!! That is a common characteristic of lo-po hair …not responding to chemical services.

Marie also said that I had some shedding at the bow and during processing, but I told her it was not cause for concern because I have a low-manipulation hair care routine, so I expected to lose more hair than normal.

The end result was beautiful! The curls were so pretty! At first, I thought my had shrunk, as I feared the ends had severely snapped off. I had Nathan “stretch” them down and it is just at the APL line … a few strands hit, but I am still not claiming it! Another month or so!


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