Winter is f’in coming!

Ah a combination of my two favorite shows on HBO (Game of Thrones (GoT) and Eastbound and Down). I would have included a reference to “Boardwalk Empire” in there, but I am stilled miffed at the ending of Season 2 where they knocked off Jimmy Darmody. I remember that murder scene kept me up that night, upset and anxious, like I had bills to pay with no money to pay them. Well, I am also still reeling from the death of Eddard Stark in GoT season 1, but now that the season’s approaching, I can’t stay mad too long!

GoT season 2 starts Sunday, April 1 and I am stoked! Nathan and I have revisited Season 1 after watching it in the fall by buying it on Blu Ray. I am also going to start reading the books (it will keep me occupied while under the hair dryer … eh!) I have been told by numerous people that reading the books will provide more depth and appreciation for the characters. I will post sometime when I start reading them.

It is funny that I even watch this show, as I am no fan of fantasmagorical things, such as Lord of the Rings, Star Wars or SyFi (that odd channel that shows H-list actors in these horrible movies), but from the first episode of GoT, I was hooked! Maybe it was the intriguing storylines, the incessant nudity, the charismatic and paternal charm of Eddard Stark or the hotness of Jason Momoa (Heaven help me, I love that man) that kept me begging for more!

As anyone who has ever loved an HBO show knows, its damn near a year before the next season starts and the anticipation for this show couldn’t be any higher. I predict there will be about 4 million people to watch this show (and that’s a good number, considering HBO is subscriber only!). The show garnered a fan following after the premier and over HBO On Demand, so I know all my brethren will be ready come Sunday night!

Hurry the heck up, Winter!!!


Dry, Breaking Ends Update!

I wanted to share some good news … my hair ends are doing better! I have seen a dramatic reduction in the number of ends snapping off. They even look better and more moisturized!

I am stoked when I run my moisturizer through my hair and do not have a bunch of broken ends in my hands … there may be a few, but sometimes none! It really has been a ride trying to find out what works for my hair and how to retain my length!

To someone who may be facing this situation, here’s my advice:

1) Get a great water-based moisturizer and make sure it does not dry out your ends (as Hawaiian Silky did for me)

2) Experiment with what sealing oils works best for your hair (coconut oil did my hair no justice, just dried it out).

  • I have heard hemp oil is great for this, but at this time, I am buying no more oils.

3) Deep condition or steam every weekno exception!

4) M&S your hair in sections, so that each section gets adequate moisture. I do mine in 4s.

5) Use a great moisturizing conditioner

6) Co-wash sometimes! It really helps infuse and retain moisture!

7) Wear protective styles!

8) Dry your hair with a microfiber towel or t-shirt … never “ruffle” the hair, just pretend that you are milking it and squeezing out excess water

9) Reduce the amount of direct heat (blow dryers, curling irons, flat irons, pressing combs) used (duh … that’s why my ends were as crispy as KFC chicken in the first place)

10) Do a good dusting!

11) Use a silk or satin scarf and pillowcase (as you can never be too careful!)

12) Give it a good 2 or 3 months for ends to improve.

13) Find a good protein/moisture balance!


Wash Day – NC State Sweet Sixteen Edition!

Today I had the day off from work, as we are furloughed today. It truly has been a glorious day! I have cleaned the house, organized my bathroom, unpacked Nathan’s suitcase from our trip to NC from almost three months ago and am now doing my wash day.

I did an extra long prepoo this morning. I used EVOO, cheapie conditioner, honey and my hot oil mix. I applied in four sections and put on a shower cap and cleaned the house. In total, I had it on for about three hours.

Followed that up by a clarifying shampoo today. I felt that it was time, since it had been about three weeks since my last. Now I am under the “steamer” doing my Alterna 10 deep conditioning treatment for about 30-40 minutes. I will roll my hair today. Now that I am getting better, it’s not as daunting as it used to be!

This evening NC State plays Kansas for a ticket to the Elite Eight. I have an ugly feeling about this!!! I know we can do it, but it definitely is going to be hard!! I am supposed to head into Portland to watch it at Buffalo Wild Wings (gross!!!), but we will see how I feel later this afternoon.

Will post pics of the final result!!

UPDATE on 3/27 – I was not pleased with the final result. My roots were a bit too puffy (more to come on that). I am not feeling the saran wrap, as it also makes my hair puffy. I am just going to roller set and let the curls fall where they may. I think the first night I may where it in a traditional wrap, just to give it some shape. I also got some Lotta Body to use as a setting lotion … Hopefully it will work well for me!

Treasures from the East: Asia and my hair journey!

This past weekend Nathan and I went to Seattle. We stopped by this place called the Great Wall Mall, a collection of stores catering to Asian food, merchandise, etc. I wanted to stop by and get some more tiny soy sauce plates, as they are perfect to hold my oils for easy dipping and application!

There are other gifts from Asia that has made my life a bit easier:

1) Nathan and his math skills helped me to measure out the perfect amount of Lotta Body and water yesterday. (too stereotypical???)

2) Plastic chopsticks that allow me to stir my coffee with ease!

3) Soup spoons that allows for quick scooping of ice cream.

Here are the ones that I bought … I even got some that had two sections!


That ish cray!! Fake hair tips from Glamour!!

Today I was thumbing through my free issue of Glamour (a magazine I loved in my early 20s, now I feel it no longer applies to me! Maybe I am moving towards O!)

There was an article that had me in disbelief, especially now that I am on a HHJ! It was about Beyonce and some beauty tips. It detailed how she liked sulfate-free shampoos and hot oil treatments, which is totally awesome … Like a rich person should know that. Then they proceeded to show her hairstyles … Which of course was NOT her hair, but her lace-front wigs. They beamed about how beautiful these styles were and blah blah blah. I just laughed! It reminded me of when she was doing Loreal ads for hair color … Which was nothing but the color of her lace-front wig.

Yeah, so what’s your point? you ask … Well it is disappointing that black women do not have more hair idols to look up to that actually wear their real hair. There is Michelle Obama and Oprah and a few natural sistas, but the vast majority of black women in Hollywood wear fake hair. That’s why I laugh when I see bloggers have “hair crushes” on women with fake hair … Why crush on it when you can buy it??!

Well I had to vent … Thanks for listening!!

Look at her lace-front!


A Special Thank You to Nathan!

I have promised Nathan that I was going to pay him tribute on my blog for all of his help with taking photos (he insisted for me not to do this). How can I pay tribute to Nathan?? I will list random facts about him!

1. He loves the LA Lakers (and Kobe Bryant more)

2. He was born and raised in Honolulu, HI

3. He hates Legal Research and Writing

4. He is the tallest of his Asian friends (he’s 6′ 3″)

5. We met on in October 2009 … he noticed my profile because of my love for basketball and “The Godfather” triology

6. He speaks two and a half languages (English, Cantonese and a bit of Mandarin)

7. He hates taking my photos, but does so because he is a good boyfriend (and because I promise his peace and quiet during Laker games!)

8. Will Ferrell is one of his favorite actors!

Thanks Nathan for helping me thus far in my journey. I know that when you see me in the length check t-shirt you grimace, but you take it in stride … and for that, I thank you!!!!

Nathan and I in Las Vegas at the W Steakhouse at the Wynn Hotel and Casino

Hair Crush: Joakim Noah!

Whenever I see Chicago Bull’s star Joakim Noah’s hair in a bun … there is a little piece of my soul that dies. This man has some of the prettiest hair and the envy is a bit much to bear for me.

Joakim is of mixed heritage: his mom is Swedish (a former model at that) and his father is half French, half Cameroonian and his hair reflects that (I am a bit partial to curly, “bi-racial” hair).

Take a look at his hair down … it is soooooo beautiful! His hair has to be WL if straightened! And those curls?? Please!!! Glorious!!


And look at his bun … perfect in every way … thick, with slick edges.


Uh-oh: Hairorexia has set in …

If you look back at my post before my relaxer, you will see a bullet point titled “This is your journey … no one else’s” (or something to that effect). I wanted to encourage people to feel empowered by their journey, as it is easy to compare yourself to others who have been on their journey 3 or 4 years. But now … I have fallen victim to “hairorexia” … which pretty much means that the hair (or growth) that you have is never enough (think anorexia for the hair … hence the name!) and that when you look at the hair, it’s always “short.” Mind you, everyone will have differing opinions of “short.”

I look at some of the sistas online with MBL/WL hair and am like “Damn! When am I going to get there?” Then I have to remind myself that I have made some pretty impressive strides myself since beginning on this journey 2 months ago and  that in time (and God’s will), I will be there myself.

Sometimes when I am trying a styling video from YouTube, my APL hair feels so inadequate compared to people’s full APL/BSL/MBL/WL. I did a fgrogran pin curl last night and it was cute, but not as long as hers (she appeared to be about BSB). I have to keep it all in perspective, eh? I had Nathan take a picture (bless his heart, he is so tired of taking these pictures for me … he just sighs and groans when he sees me holding my iPhone out to him) and I am still amazed with the growth that I have had in the past two months.

Take a look (and take that, everyone, my hair is growing, too … snapping ends and all!)

Sigh: looking at these pictures still makes me think that my hair has not grown at all …

January 2012

March 2012

An Inch for Your Thoughts #4: Sarah Palin Wears Protective Styles!

Nathan and I were watching the movie “Game Change” the other week about Sarah Palin’s rise on the national political scene in the Presidential Race in 2008. There was a scene where they wanted Sarah to wear her hair down, but she vehemently retorted that she likes to wear her hair up … which is evident at many of her outings and appearances.

Do not get me wrong, I am no Palin fan, but I do admire her up-dos! They are always classy, yet fun. There is no wonder why she has a nice crown of hair, despite it being colored, highlighted, etc!

So I thank you, Sarah Palin, for putting sexy up-dos and protective styles on the map!!

I love these styles! It is so sexy librarian!

Hard water and your hair

I have been seeing on people’s blogs where they are buying shower filters due to hard water in their apartment. Hard water may have minerals in them that leave hair hard, dry and may lead to breakage. I was curious about whether we had hard water or not … so I did some poking around and we do not have hard water our home, so we are good! Places in the Pacific Northwest have the least amount of hard water. Also, my showerhead does not have mineral buildup or other deposits around it. It looks almost new.

Sigh … no need to buy a water filter! However, I am using distilled water in the Caruso roller reservoir, as that is what’s recommended!

Here is a helpful article about hard water and your hair …