I am going to give this stuff one more try …

So I am doing my twist outs without heat and am loving it! I go home, wet my hair, put on some moisturizer, twist, put up … only to take down in the morning and go!

I decided to use the Roux 619 leave-in last night in lieu of the Alterna Caviar and it was bit hard compared to yesterday when I used both of them together. I do not like hard, crunchy hair … by golly, the 619 was supposed to be moisturizing!

I swear, my hair ONLY likes Alterna products. It has been this way for a long time, but now that I am testing new products and seeing that my hair reacts quite poorly to them, I am somewhat convinced. Of course my hair reacts to the shampoos and conditioners that are $30 a pop (in Alterna’s defense, they do last a long time since I only wash once a week).

I am going to do it again tonight with only the 619 and if I get the same results, then I know that this is not for me. I plan on doing these styles quite often to keep heat off my hair, so if it is making my hair hard, then I cannot use it.

I will update tomorrow!!!

No, I will update today … That stuff is a no-go. My hair was a dry mess by the time I got home. It goes back to Sally’s and I will use my Alterna …. Man! I really think my hair and Alterna are trying to tell me something!!!


UPDATE 3/2 – Ok, so this stuff is not that bad when used in conjunction with the Alterna stuff. I guess I will keep it … My best twist out was Tuesday and Friday morning when I used that stuff and the Alterna. I also wonder if me not oiling my hair after putting the aloe vera juice caused it to dry out, as I found out that if AVJ is left on the hair, it needs to be in conjunction with an oil or it will dry out! Last night I used grapeseed oil to seal and my curls turned out very nice this morning.

“Kenny Powers” always has a fresh-looking curl! I wonder what he put on it!! Activator??



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