(Heatless) Wash Day and dry ends update

Yesterday’s wash day was most uneventful … but awesome nonetheless! I did my pre-poo with molasses, vegetable glycerin, oils and honey (ya, I am just mixing mess together now), then washed with my shampoo.

I steamed my hair with my conditioners for about 40 minutes, then applied my leave-ins. I tied my hair down in the front (as the edges are quite fierce at this point) and two-strand twisted the remained of my hair to let them air dry. I sprayed aloe vera juice on the ends and the ends turned out to be so curly instead of the normal dry frizzled mess they end up looking like!

This morning, I untwisted them, fluffed them out and sprayed some Alterna on it. I put a little veggie glycerin on my ends. I look like I have a texturizer!

I have decided to do heatless at least once a month now! It saved me SOOOOOOO much time (like two hours!) and it gives my hair (and me) a break from rolling and heat.

NOTE: The Kimmaytube leave-in freezes in my refrigerator! I am not sure if it is the Roux leave-in, the JBCO or jojoba oil; however, aloe vera juice has to be refrigerated! I think I am going to use a modified Kimmaytube mix by just spraying the Roux and aloe vera juice on separately. I will try this on Thursday’s relaxer prep day!

UPDATE on dry ends: The dry ends are becoming less and less. Last week, they only seem to come out when they were wet … but not much. I was actually in disbelief when I would rub my fingers through them and nothing came out. Some came out during washing, but I hear that it takes a bit of time for them to stop breaking off after incorporating a healthy hair routine … but they are NOTHING like they were two weeks ago. I think the use of humectants, decreasing of proteins, protective styling, using aloe vera juice and discontinued use of Hawaiian Silky and coconut oil have really helped.

I did get a little angry yesterday and clipped a tiny bit off … but they were not split. I also think I cut off some of my hair (the ends were pinned up near the scalp!)

Tuesday’s twist out ponytail! Cute as ever!



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