Product Review: Caviar White Truffle Hair Elixir

I have been using this stuff for years. At the behest of my stylist in Hawaii, Jeanne, I was to use this stuff for moisture, as the salty air of Hawaii had did a number on my tresses.

At the beginning of my hair journey, I used it in my M&S, with good results. However, I heard the rave reviews about activators and thought I should try one. Well, three weeks later after dry ends due to coconut oil and Hawaiian Silky, I returned to the white truffle elixir … with great results!

This stuff has helped the breakage on the ends. When I started using it consistently last week, I was amazed about the few hairs that had broken off the ends! My ends also stayed hydrated longer … so until further notice, this is going to be my moisturizer of choice.

Of course my hair likes the most expensive stuff … as this stuff is about $28. That is ok, though … I use about 2 or 3 pumps a day. I predict that one bottle will last me about 3 or 4 months. Nothing is too good for my hair! :o)

Highly recommended!


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