New Growth

So here’s the new growth check … I am at 2 inches some places, 1.5 inches in others. So I have grown 2 inches in 4 months, which is the normal rate of 0.5 inches per month. The funny thing is … Most of my new growth came in after returning from North Carolina in January. I hardly had any new growth when I started this journey about 6 weeks ago … See? It was about half an inch (if that!)


Now this is the new growth six weeks later (the first one looks like my new growth is straight, as I flat ironed it … I included the second picture to show how it looks when the new growth gets wet!



So if my calculations are correct (the pictures prove that they are) … My hair has grown ~1.5 inches in six weeks. Wow! I know that this is not typical and probably a result of vitamins and all, but I will take what I can get! Imagine if that happened every 6 weeks! I would grow 13 inches a year … That’s not even possible! But oh well! It’s nice!


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