Another one bites the dust …

This long weekend was all about discovery … Discovering which products worked best for my hair, why they did or did not and what to do next. Today, I had a hunch to check the label in my Hawaiian Silky (HS). Although my ends were 90% better, something felt amiss. There it was … Mineral oil as the fourth ingredient.

Mineral oils are considered a no-no among natural hair enthusiast. Yes, I know I am not natural, but still… It has the same effect on hair, which is that it doesn’t allow moisture in. They also are said to have a drying effect and HS contains small amounts of protein, which may be why my hair’s end started to get crunchy. Could it have been the HS all the time? I have gone back to using the Alterna Caviar white truffle moisturizer until I figure something out.

The Product Graveyard grows! I am loving this part of the journey! Figuring out what my hair likes! I was just thinking about how I would use a product based on its claims, despite what my hair needed. This will also prevent me from spending a ton of money in the future.

I also revisited the cross-wrapping technique this weekend. It actually didn’t turn out so bad! Maybe since my hair has grown since I did it last. It is actually holding a curl and doesn’t have all the bumps, ridges and the like!

Well, back to work tomorrow! This weekend really flew by!

Peace, love and hair grease!



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