Keeping it simple and custom for my hair

So I had a wash day on Saturday. Nathan and I were to go out for a date, so I wanted my hair fresh and clean!

I started off with a molasses, EVOO and vegetable glycerin pre-poo. I left it in for a few hours while I watched Whitney’s funeral, which was awesome, and doing some housework.

I washed as normal and instead of just sitting under the dryer, I steamed my hair (by using a hand towel soaked in hot water, wrapped around my hair, covered with a bag and sat under the dryer) with some of my conditioner. Oh my! I am addicted! I will steam my hair every week!! It left my hair so infused with moisture!! I rinsed it out with cold water, applied my leave-ins and did a blow out (on low, of course!)

Everything turned out nicely. I just wanted to share what I am doing five weeks into my journey …
Along the way, I have discovered a lot about my hair … What it likes, what it needs, what it hates! Knowing all of this information has allowed me to start to simplify my routine. Here’s what I mean …

My hair has low porosity, as I explained earlier, means that moisture has a hard time getting in due to the tightly laid cuticle, but once it gets in, it stays in. I need something that opens my cuticle (heat), allowing moisture to penetrate! I looked at some of my products … Roux Porosity Control SHUTS the cuticle (it is intended for porous hair)! I need the cuticle open!!! It must go!

I also looked at the Redken All-Soft conditioner. It has protein in it … Which is a not need as much for hair that has low porosity! Even though it is a small amount, I did not want to chance it and eliminated it from the hair stash. Secondly, I looked at the Redken Anti-Snap that is supposed to be for breaking hair. It has protein in it, so I decided that it, too, needs to go out of the routine for a while. If I need it, I will use it. Finally, I looked at the Redken Time Reset stuff (I gave the shampoo away because it had sulfates in it). It, too, was for porous hair. No wonder my hair did not do well when I used the Youth Revitalizer deep conditioner!

So that left me with using Alterna Caviar shampoo and conditioner. No more having to decide which products to use this week. I want a simple, consistent routine. I want to get this product junkism under control! It felt great to put all that stuff under the bathroom vanity!

Once you understand the science behind your hair, getting products to meet those needs are a breeze! I need products that moisturize deeply. I am just so excited learning all of this new stuff! I can’t wait to share my findings with everyone!

My ends are doing better … I still see a few and get a bit anxious, but now that I am starting a new regiment, I am sure they will fare a lot better!!

Peace, love and porosity!!


RIP, beautiful angel!



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