Porosity Testing

I wanted to test my hair to see its porosity. The test is quite simple, you take some dry hair from a brush, floor or wherever and place it in a cup of water. You wait about 5 minutes and see what the hair is doing.

If it floats, you have low porosity. If it sinks, then you have high porosity. It takes a while for it to sink, then its normal.

So my hair floats! Which means my hair has low porosity – in laymen’s terms that means my hair is slower to absorb moisture, but when it does get moisture, it retains it really well. According to curlynikki.com, “excessive or pure protein treatments may cause the crispy, straw-like feel of protein overload.”

Nathan’s hair also is low porosity!

Ah! It is starting to come together for me! That is why my hair hated coconut oil (hence the snapping ends last week). Coconut has protein in it and my hair just did not need it, which is why my hair broke off and felt dry!!

So what’s a low porosity girl to do?

They recommend the use of humectants (e.g. honey) that helps draw moisture into the hair.

Here’s a deep conditioning recipe from Healthy Hair and Body

For low porosity hair, I would actually recommend using a humectant-based moisturizer after a good deep conditioning treatment. After washing your hair, rinse with hot water (not too hot), then apply a moisturizing deep conditioner. (The hot water and subsequent heat will help to open up the cuticles.) Let the conditioner sit for 20 minutes with heat, then rinse with warm water. Follow up with a moisturizer containing glycerin or honey. (I recommend whipping a moisturizer of 1/2 part shea butter, 1/2 part mango butter, 1 part conditioner (I recommend V05), and 1/2 part glycerin. If this mixture does not work for you, then check out the Hibiscus & Banana Leave-In from Curl Junkie (click here). It contains even more humectants and is also geared towards fine hair.)



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