Baggying hair for moisture: Do or Don’t?

The first time I baggyed my hair was last week during the Dead End debacle. I heard that it was like a mini deep conditioning treatment, so I baggyed my whole head for a good part of the weekend. You know, my poor boyfriend looks at me with half humor, half disbelief. He asks me why I am walking around the house with a plastic bag on my hair. I am sure that it looks sooooo sexy to him! LOL!

I must say, it works, for the most part! One thing that I have discovered is not to wet my hair with my Refreshing Spritz then baggy my head … when I take it off, my hair is mushy. From now on, I will either baggy just the ends of my hair or not spray the Refreshing Spritz on.

I also like to baggy my hair after a JBCO and peppermint oil scalp massage! Ah! That feels really nice!

Remember not to baggy your hair after you seal … you will seal the moisture in once you remove the bag!

Don’t do this!! :o)


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