I’ve Got $40 … What Should I Buy?

So a healthy hair journey doesn’t have to break the bank! So let’s say you have $40 to spend on products. What should you buy first (assuming you had nothing at all!)

First things first, a cheap water-based moisturizer that does not contain mineral oil or petroleum (Hawaiian Silky, S-Curl or Herbal Essence Long Term Relationship) is required!!! This will cost about $6.

Also, you will need a sealing oil. If I had to choose two, I would chose jojoba oil and Jamaican Black Castor oil (amazon.com). These are the best oils for sealing and JBCO also promotes hair growth when used for scalp massages.

As for shampoos, sulfate-free is preferred. You can find them at Sally’s, Ulta, etc.
For example, at Sally’s they have Silk Elements Kera Minerals Sulfate Free Shampoo for about $5.

As for conditioners, I hear Aussie Moist is a great one! It can be found just about anywhere for about $5-6. But for cash-saving purposes, your current conditioner under a hooded dryer is just fine.

Leave-ins are also required for roller sets, blow-outs, etc. I recommend Elasta QP Recovery Moisturizing Creme Hairdress, which is about $3 at Sally’s.

Lastly, I recommend every HHJ start with a fresh protein treatment (unless you have had one recently). I recommend the Aphogee 2 step as the first one to use every six or so weeks, then the 2 minute keratin treatment for light protein treatments as needed. They come in packets at Sally’s, with both costing no more than $6 combined.

So here are the totals:
– Leave-in: $3
– Moisturizer for daily use: $6
– Protein treatments: $6
– Sulfate-free Shampoo: $5
– Conditioner: $6
– JBCO and jojoba oil: $15

Total: $41

Note: This assumes you have a hooded dryer and rollers!



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