Wash Day

Sundays are now synomous with Wash Day. It’s the best day to do it! Gets me prepared for a new week!

Today I did a pre-poo with avocado, honey (a natural humectant, which draws moisture to the hair – SCORE!), EVOO and sesame oil. I mixed it up and let me tell you, it looks fresh from a baby’s diaper, but I hear it works!! I wet my hair with my refreshing spritz and applied the mixture all over, paying close attention to the ends. I left it on about 30 minutes while I cleaned and such.

Then I shampooed (sulfate free!!) and oil rinsed, followed by detangling with my DC. I did not lose to much hair this week, it was nothing outside of normal. Then sat down under the dryer for 30 minutes.

It took me about an hour to roll today, because I figured it out!! I do the mohawk method, where your hair is divided into threes. I have no problem rolling the middle part, as it all goes backwards and there is hair to pin the clip to, but when I get on each side, I was rolling downwards, leaving me nowhere to pin the clip … It was so frustrating!! Today I was just rolling one of the side areas backwards and realized this is how you have to do it all over! So I had to re-do the one side that was done. BOY!!!! This was really awesome to discover!!

After I took the rollers down and applied Hawaiian Silky to smooth hair, I did the saran wrap finish when I was done drying … That’s where you brush your hair into a wrap and sit under the dryer with saran wrap (exactly what it sounds like)!!

All in all, I think it turned out quite nice!! I can’t tell a major difference between the honey/avocado pre-poo and my regular oil one, but that’s ok, as long as its moisturized!





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