Product Review: Country Life Maxi Hair Vitamins

I was excited about this product, as it promised improvement in hair, skin and nails … a trifecta of my beauty ritual.

I could not stand the taste of these vitamins. They were horrible and I fought with myself to take them. I also begin to notice about a few weeks in that I was getting headaches a few hours after taking them. Then there was a time when I just forgot to take them, then the headache subsided … when I started taking them again (this time only 1 a day instead if two) … headaches still abound!

I have decided to terminate my relationship with these vitamins, as I can not have daily headaches! I am not sure what it is in them that is causing it … but I will not be sticking around to find out, either.

My Grade for CLMH Vitamins: 



3 thoughts on “Product Review: Country Life Maxi Hair Vitamins

  1. I just started taking these vitamins on April 26, 2012 and I’m starting to get headaches as we’ll. When I do take them I eat a meal with them. Can someone please comment as to why the headaches.

    • Hi Lisa! I read somewhere that it could be the biotin in the supplements causing the headaches. I took them for a while and the headache still did not subside. I emailed another hair blogger about the issue and she said they messed her stomach up and she quit taking them as well.

      Hope that helps!! :o)

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