A Year Ago …

I came across this picture of me from a year ago (February 2011). I was still living in Hawaii. This was the day I got a relaxer and cut. As you can see, it is about right around jawline length … And now I am one inch (give or take a mm) from APL. And mind you, I have had my hair cut about three inches in the last year.

I had Nathan measure from slightly below my ear to my hair length today and it was 5 inches … I was in disbelief so I measured again … Sure enough … It was 5 inches! That means my hair grew almost 8 inches with the last year. I am still a bit in disbelief, but then again, I am not. I have 2 inches of new growth in some places (2 inches in 3 months … About 8 inches a year).

Just think if I retained all the length that I grew (I can spare a few inches a year). I did not take proper care of my ends and would have to have them trimmed because they were so dry! I am looking forward to seeing how many inches this year’s journey will yield!



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