Fgrogran’s Whipped Shea Butter

– 2 oz of pure unrefined shea butter

– 2 tsp coconut oil (if you are protein sensitive, do not use this or reduce down to 1 tsp or less)

– 2 tsp Jamaican Black Castor Oil

– 1 tsp EVOO

– a few squirts of vegetable glycerin

– 1 tsp Jojoba

– a few drops of tea tree oil as a preservative

You can substitute the oils for any type that you prefer. The next batch that I make will not contain any coconut oil.

Using a spoon or a mixer, whip these items together until they are the desired consistency. Store in a container and place in a cool, dark place (I place mine under the sink). If it gets hard or need moistening, add a little water and stir.



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