I have been good (for the most part)! I have been M&S my ends every night. I twist my hair up in knots carefully, paying great attention to the ends. However, I tried to work my way around using a satin scarf, as I like my cotton one better … Big mistake, as cotton wicks moisture.

Also, through my research (I LOVE HAIR FORUMS!!), I saw several ladies who said that coconut oil dried their hair out, which is what I think has happened to me. I will seal my hair with my oil mix, then twist my hair and seal again with coconut oil, which may have been why my ends were so dry! I also saw where coconut oil is like a protein, which could be why my ends were just snapping off!

What’s a girl to do? I was almost in tears, ready to grab those scissors and cut off some hair … By something said “no!” and against my instinct, I tried this:

– cowash with Redken Time Reset (helps with porous hair) and Roux Porosity Control
– mild protein treatment of Aphogee 2 minute Keratin reconstructor, sat under dryer for 20 minutes
– oil rinsed with my mix of sealing oils
– deep conditioned with Redken AllSoft, sat under dryer for 25 minutes
– Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) rinse to close cuticle and seal in moisture
– place leave-ins on hair (Shea butter mix, Alterna Blowout, Elastase QP Recovery, Alterna Texture, FHI hot sauce for thermal control (instead of cocktailing this with the others, I placed this on last…I also parted my hair into 4 sections and applied the leave-ins in each section instead of a one-time application on the whole head
– blow dried in 4 sections on low, blow dried ends with cool shot.
– flat ironed on 350 (went over each section with small rat tail comb to detangle, rubbed over ends to check for broken hairs – there were none!)

The end result was FABULOUS! There was little breakage of my ends or shedding of hair. My ends look healthy, revived! My hair felt so moisturized after applying my leave-ins that there was no need to apply a serum (which I normally have to do to add “shine!” I was beaming with pride! Everyday I find out a little more about my hair, what it likes, what it doesn’t, what it wants and what it needs! I was so ready to snip (I even bought some shears from Sally’s …), but I guess I will hold on a bit longer.

I had Nathan do a length check (I will take a photo when I get a relaxer) and I have about 1/2 to go until I am APL. Wow! I hope to be full APL by summer (all hair is below APL, not just longest part) … Then BSL, here I come!!!

I am confident that the healthy hair that I have now will be here for years to come!! I am so revitalized, as I almost felt hopeless …


The next AM (UPDATE) – there were very few broken ends … just when I combed. Hair felt very moisturized so I sealed with some oil.

My Dry Ends on Tuesday


End Result (uncombed)



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