Wash Day

Greetings on Super Bowl Sunday! I am no fan of football, so while Nathan is watching the game, I am doing my hair. Works out well, I’ll say!

Today’s wash day is still in progress. I am under the dryer as I speak. I bought some Biolage products at Great Clips today, as I have heard great things about them. I bought some Hydrotherapie samples.

I used my normal products … Deep conditioned with Caviar, AllSoft and Biolage. Once I was rinsing my hair out in the tub, I noticed some hairs coming out. Oh NO!!! Breakage!! It wasn’t much, but enough to sound the alarm. I am becoming quite anal about every hair that is coming out of my head!’

The verdict: I definitely need some protein. My hair feels a bit gummy. I will definitely do the Keratin treatment next week. And to think I was doing so well with the moisturizing … But their is such a thing as over-moisturizing, which can leave hair week and prone to snapping … Check out this article on the importance of balancing protein and moisture.


I should know this, as there was a point in time where I was protein dominant and the hairs in the crown of my hair would snap off.

I will also incorporate a black tea rinse next Wash Day to see if that helps. I do not shed much during the week, as I do not manipulate my hair, so it is natural that it must come out, but I am not seeing the white bulb on some of the hairs, but instead little broken ones.

Other than the hairs coming out (which is not SOS-worthy, but annoying just the same), I am beginning to get the hang off my new regimen. I am rolling my hair a bit faster (42 minutes vs. 50 minutes on my first try) and am not minding sitting under the hair dryer as much. I want to sleep under the dryer, but I can’t so I just look another hair care websites and read.

I can also tell a difference in the way my hair looks one month into this journey. It looks healthier, shinier (probably because of all the oil in it) and bouncier. If I had kept up my old routine of flat ironing my hair almost everyday, I would be bald by spring!

I am also learning so much about my hair. Instead of my hair just co-existing with me, I feel that we are one. I am now able to listen to what it needs to be healthy, instead of thinking I knew what it needed. It has been amazing so far and I am looking forward to many more adventures!!

Peace love and hair grease!


P.S. look at my hubby!



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