Confessions of a Product Junkie (and a Challenge!)

OK, so I need to get my desire for every oil and hair product in the world in check. I just read about how these different oils help other ladies and must have them! I have accumulated so many of them (see LaShanda’s Apothecary). Since then, I have ordered three more products: Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO), peppermint oil and aloe vera juice. I really do not need to order another thing! Jumping on bandwagons (as it is termed) really helps out no one. I have a pretty good regimen going on … but sometimes I feel the strong desire to enhance it a bit! Also, I have noticed that the moisturizing spritz (which fgrogran so awesomely shared with me … ) REALLY WORKS! I spray it on my roots during the week as well as spray it on my hair during roller setting. It makes my hair really soft. I cannot wait until the aloe vera juice is added!

More about the JBCO … I have heard EXCELLENT things about how it makes your hair grow! I am applying it to my scalp about 3 times a week as well as adding it in my pre-poos. I have dubbed this my first official Hair, There and Everywhere Challenge … The JBCO Challenge Extraordinaire 2012! This will run until June 30th. I will take progress pics tonight and keep them updated every 15th of the month!

I have also decided to schedule my relaxer for the first week of March, just in time for my Nathan-boo and I to go see Toni Braxton at the Spirit Mountain Casino! By that time, I will be almost 16 weeks post relaxer and boy, I can already tell. The back feels like a thicket … but I will hold fast! I am going to have to enlist Nathan’s help a bit more with these photos.

Nathan suggested that I wear a white catsuit like she did on the video “You’re Making Me High” (circa 1996). I was in the sixth grade when that song came out … who was my crush then? Ah, I remember! ;o)

Enjoy the trip down memory lane!


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