Bringing the Heat??

Oh Lord … did my hair puff up last night after Wash Day! I should have wrapped it up immediately after finishing, but since I had a pizza coming, I thought that I would keep it down. Big mistake … by the time I went to wrap it up (three hours later), it was quite puffy and experienced a bit of shrinkage (it looked like I had a bob haircut!). I was NOT about to wear this out to work tomorrow, so I M&S’d, did my six bantu knots and called it a night. Normally I treat myself to wearing it down once a week, but that will not happen this week. Oh well.

It has been almost three weeks since I have used a flat iron in my hair … and I can tell. And while the ends are not their normal thin and crispy selves, the roots are just puffy and hard to manage. Sometimes, heat is OK, especially this far into a relaxer stretch. I am not going to agonize about using a flat iron once a week to stretch this new growth out. If it didn’t fall out from overuse previously, once a week will not harm my hair.

I will see how this goes next Wash Day!

Oh I hope this sista has on major heat protectant, as she has color in her hair and that hot comb is smoking!!!


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