Search and Destroy

Yesterday I was doing my nightly ritual: M&S, Bantu knots and wrapping. As I was doing the back, I noticed some scraggly ends! I quickly took my cuticle scissors (I know, I know …  I am going to buy some shears when I go to Sally’s …) and chopped them off. I lost no length, just some rough, sad ends.

This method called “search and destroy” means to look for particular problem spots and give a little trim. It helps to retain length while ridding yourself of the visual of bad ends.

Note, if there is a substantial difference between lengths, for the sake of uniformity, please just get a trim! 

Here are some of the ends. Aren’t they sad?? They were the old, sad ends of yesteryear when I flat ironed them to an early death. These are the ends that were just snapping off last week. You know, I was wondering … if some of the bad ends snap off, do they leave you with nice ends? I guess that is a question I will be able to answer as the journey progresses!

And yes, I know that it is gross that they got on my floss.



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