Protect your ends, fool!

Ah … homage to the late 80s/early 90s, when gangstas, wannabes, wankstas and the like were proclaiming “protect your neck, fool!”

Protecting the ends of your hair is pretty much MANDATORY … repeat, MANDATORY if you want to grow long, healthy black hair. I used to wear my hair down everyday, subjecting the ends to whatever was thrown their way … and guess who won?? Hint: it wasn’t the ends.

And ah, I cannot forget the manipulation and heat that was required to wear this style. Protective styling has to be the best thing in the world! I am able to wear my hair up (no heat, little combing, no brushing) and the ends are protected. I can already tell a difference.

I wear my hair in protective styles approximately 90% of the time. Yes, the styles can be mundane (I wear a loose bun or a clip … not into the weaves, braids or the like), but I am not trying to impress a soul … I am trying to grow long hair, so if I look like a librarian (albeit, a sexy librarian), then so it is.

Here is my protective styling today, a simple headband and a loose bun. After I took out the “bantu knots” (I use that term loosely, as they are quite sad in their appearance), I ran some vitamin E oil through it, put it up, then went on out the door.

The “bantu knots” I do my hair in nightly to achieve a curly, full look



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