So far, so good!

Greetings! So I have been on this journey for three weeks now! It seems like yesterday!

Even though there is not really a difference in terms of length, I can really tell that my hair is changing for the better! The M&S has really prevented my hair from feeling like straw, which is easy to do in the winter time, especially since there is heat blasting at you from every direction. It is also really shiny (maybe its all that oil!) One tip that I found especially helpful is to M&S and wrap my hair up as soon as I get home (unless I have plans for the evening, which is rare … when I am home, I am HOME!) It prevents the household heat from drying out my hair as well as it being snagged on the couch or other what-nots.

I have also noticed that my ends are looking pretty good! Despite the normal wear and tear, the protective styling and M&S has really kept them in tip top shape.

I have also vastly improved my roller setting ability … that was a learning curve I did not think that I would master for about a month … but after that first week, it seems to be going well! I really hate putting those clips in, but hey … its part of the job!

I have also noticed less shedding when I comb through my hair through the week (which is a few times, wide-tooth comb only). I used to see long strands and those quilly little ends, but now, the amount is greatly reduced! I think that it was some of the old damaged hair letting go so the beautiful new hair can emerge!

Even though the wash and dry process is now three times as long, the results will be well worth it … I am already reaping the benefits of reducing the flat iron and direct blow drying heat to my hair!

Peace, love and hair grease!


This is me after finally getting it right after so many times getting it wrong!!



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