Wash Day

So today was wash day. I wanted to go work out early this morning, but I didn’t. Oh well, woulda, shoulda, coulda.

Last night, I put on my Alterna overnight repair. It is not really a product that I would buy, but it came in a sample kit, so I might as well use it, right?

This morning I did a prepoo using several hot oils (sesame, EVOO, jojoba, vitamin E and grapeseed among a few). I kept it on my hair for about 40 minutes. Then I shampooed normally.

I then applied the Apoghee 2 minute reconstructor Keratin treatment. It’s a more gentle protein treatment that I plan on using every other week. It is safe enough for weekly use, but I do not think I need it much more than that.

I then did a deep conditioning treatment consisting of Alterna Caviar and Redken AllSoft. I covered my hair and let it sit for about 40 minutes.

I decided to do a tension blowout today instead of roller setting. I applied my leave-ins and watched TV for a few hours (yay for Modern Family!) to let my hair airdry about 80% of the way. It turned out quite nice!! I will post pics the next time illustrating my technique. It really was much better than running that comb through it.

To flat iron my hair, I used 350º vs my normal 410º (wow! It’s amazing that I have any hair left!) I used my comb and fingers to smooth the hair, then ran over my hair ONCE with the flat iron. I finished it off by smoothing on some Hawaiian Silky and sealing it with my oil mixture.

The oils heating up in a cup of hot water.


Well I think that I am about an inch and a half from APL. I am so there in May!


Thoughts? Concerns?

Well, since I don’t comb my hair during the week, I shed some hair today while processing and conditioning. Also, I had those little ends that come off. I hate those ends! I read somewhere that it could be the old damaged hair coming out. Will keep you posted!


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