Daily Regimen

So what am I doing a week into my journey?

Every night when i get home from work, I M&S with Alterna Caviar Hair Elixir then seal with grapeseed oil. I finally run a bit of jojoba (ho-hoba – I am a logical person, so I thought it was jo-joba – hey, that’s how it’s spelled!) oil all over. It makes it really soft! Then I pin it up in pin curls and tie with my scarf.

I do a scalp massage with various oils 2 times a week.

I wear protective styles such as buns, French rolls and pin ups. It keeps my ends protected from the cold and rain and allows me to reduce the amount of manipulation I do to my hair. I remember reading where these ladies rarely comb their hair and I was like “what?????” but I see it’s possible!! And then I thought about my aunt who has waist length hair. She wears it up in buns, too! Now I know why!!

And the worse part of my regiment is that I take these pills. They are called Maxi Hair and they taste like crap. They are horrible! But I hear they get results, so I will suffer through!!


Update: 1-22:
I went to Sally’s yesterday to get a few supplies. I asked the lady on duty about Wave Nouveau or Luster’s S Curl (yes, Jheri curl juice) as a potential moisturizer. They had neither, but she offered me Hawaiian Silky, which was also a curl activator. I thanked her, as it was a cheaper alternative to my Alterna Caviar truffle (4.99 for 16 oz vs. 28.99 for 4 oz, respectfully).


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