Take 2

Well I could not resist it. After looking at videos at work about how to correctly do a roller set (which I thought I knew …Ha! Like my grandfather used to say “what you don’t know could start a whole new world!”), I decided to give the roller set thing one more go.

And boy, I owe it all to Dominican Blowout! I made several errors yesterday that left me looking like a pomeranian. First mistake was that I did not detangle my hair very well. I just combed it, not making sure that the ends were slick and that the roots were smooth. That was a big no-no. Second error I already acknowledged and that was not letting my hair dry completely.

So today as soon as I came home, I conditioned my hair. Nothing fancy. Just took a shower and left some conditioning in and rinsed it out (also got knocked in the head by the shower head when trying to rinse it out – eeks!)

I then rolled it up. It took about 50 minutes, but I made sure that they were in correctly and that my hair was detangled.

Sat under the dryer for about an hour and some change. My edges were still crinkly, so I took the blow dryer and for the first time, used the diffuser attachment (never thought I would need that thing) and quickly blasted them, like in a Dominican blowout. Looked good, but a bit dry. So I took my Alterna white truffle elixir and some grapeseed oil and M&S’d. I pretended my fingers were a flat iron and just went at it! Boy did it shine!! Then I cross wrapped and tied up …but not before taking some pics!!! Now I am confident, because last night I sure was sad. :o(

Ahem .. Excuse the mask. I thought I would put it on while under the dryer.


And this is the length … Really no progress, just wanted to show I have about three inches until I reach my goal of APL.



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