Oils are here!

Hip hip hooray! My oils from Vitacost came today! I got about six of the oils that Jeni and other ladies from around the blogosphere recommended.

Sesame Oil –

  • Sesame oil is highly nourishing, and excellent for dry scalp treatment. Massaging in the scalp will control dryness and flakiness, thus, helping in hair loss prevention.
  • A regular warm oil massage will increase penetration, resulting in an enhanced blood circulation in the scalp, promoting hair growth.
  • Chemically treated hair that has gotten damaged over time will regain its lost luster, as the oil’s deep penetrating properties will enhance the hair from within.
  • Sesame oil is also known as a natural healing oil, as it is full of antibacterial properties. It will help clear scalp infection, especially fungal.
  • Sesame oil helps strengthen the hair shafts and roots of the hair by nourishing it.
  • Not only does this strengthen the hair you have, but also promotes new hair growth.
  • Split ends and hair prone to breakage and brittleness leading to excessive hair loss benefits from its replenishing and rejuvenating qualities.
  • Rough hair can be softened and made more manageable by conditioning.
  • Sesame oil can be combined with another carrier oil, like almond oil or olive oil while massaging the hair and scalp.

Source: http://www.buzzle.com/articles/sesame-oil-for-hair.html

Grapeseed Oil-

  • Grapeseed oil for hair can also be used for hot oil hair treatments. Since the oil is light and quickly absorbed, heating grapeseed oil and applying it to the scalp and hair ends greatly helps to make hair shiny, reducing brittleness.
  • Dandruff problems as well as seborrheic dermatitis can be reduced by regular application of grapeseed oil on the scalp.
  • The best thing about applying grapeseed oil for hair is that it can be safely applied on all hair types, be it normal, dry or oily.
  • Using grapeseed oil for hair growth is also recommended since vitamin E and linoleic acid present in grapeseed oil helps to strengthen hair.
  • Dry, rough and frizzy hair can also benefit from the use of grapeseed oil as it smooths the hair cuticles, sealing in the moisture and making each hair strand strong.

Source: justgrowalready.com

Jojoba Oil –

  • Deeply moisturizes scalp
  • Seals in moisture
  • Stimulate and promote new hair growth because it encourages the development of new hair cells and helps improve micro-circulation in the scalp
  • Gives hair a lovely shine

Source: http://thejojobaoil.com/hair/

Eucalyptus Oil –

  • Removes dandruff; promotes healthy scalp
  • Stimulates blood and circulation, promoting hair growth
  • Increase elasticity in hair (everyone needs that, right??)

Source: http://www.buzzle.com/articles/eucalyptus-oil-for-hair.html

Tea Tree Oil –
  • Clarifying – helps remove product build up on hair shaft
  • Improve pH balance of hair
  • Antiseptic properties help unclog blocked hair follicles so that hair can grow again.



3 thoughts on “Oils are here!

  1. So I’ve been using some of the oils you suggested a few times a week to massage my scalp with. But when I finish my scalp is oily and the hair is weighted down. Am I using too much oil or is this normal?

    • Fulmer! My first comment! Your hair should not be oily and weighed down … you may be using too much! You should use a tiny drop for a section (depending on how you part your hair). However, if you work out during the week, then in conjunction with sweat, it will be weighed down! I co-wash my hair once a week (maybe more depending on the moisture needs of my hair) … that will also help cut down on the hair being weighed down and build up of oils and sweat.

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