To stretch or not to stretch …

I am a 12 weeker. That means I get relaxers about every three months. It has been years since I have gotten relaxers any sooner than that. I have friends who go every 6 to 8 weeks. If I did that, I don’t believe I would have a piece of hair left to relax the next go round.

My last relaxer was in November 2011, so I am due one in the next few weeks, but since reading other blogs and learning their stretch techniques, I am confident that I could wait until March or so. Since I’m abandoning the blow out method, using rollers will help me stretch that new growth out. It was also be awesome if I could get relaxers three times a year because it will save me some much needed cash!!! I am not confident enough to self-relax this early into the game.

Here is the new growth that I have …



It’s almost an inch. Good, as it made up for the inch I lost last month due to dead ends. 😦


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