Prepping for the journey …

I went to Sally’s Beauty Supply to pick up a few things to begin my journey. I spent a bit more than anticipated, but hey! I got a free bag!!! I am sending it to my godchild because I have a million and one tote bags and do not need another!!

I got some red, gray and purple rollers and placed them in a beverage bucket! I also got some banana clips, pins, bottles and other knickknacks. I also got some Roux porosity control (will explain what this later).  I also got Apoghee products (protein and keratin treatments).

My lovely cousin works for Vitacost and was able to get me the hookup on a bevy of oils that I plan on using as pre-shampoo hot oil treatments (a.k.a. preepoos). Some of the oils are jojoba, lavender, eucalyptus, sweet almond and grapeseed. I can also use them to seal the ends of my hair.

My hooded dryer is en route and should be here tomorrow, so I will be able to do my first roller set!





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