Moisturize and seal? What’s that?

So I must admit, before my HHJ I hated the words “oil” and “hair” in the same sentence. I wanted my hair to be flowy, light and free of oils … Until I noticed my ends were dry and when I started seeing breakage in the front. I was like “I use the best products, what am I doing wrong?” Uh …A lot. I scoffed when a friend of mine suggested hot oil treatments because it reminded me of Alberto V-05 treatments. Surely my Alterna and Redken needed no mingling with that product. I did not put anything on my hair during the week, fearful that it would be weighed down and oily in appearance. I also wore my hair down everyday, subjecting it to the cold and rain so associated with Portland’s climate.

Well, when you know better, you do better, as Oprah said in her iconic farewell address. Since reading the HHJ blogs, I have been enlightened to embrace oil, because it is a necessary ingredient of a healthy hair care regiment. I have also been reminded that I am not white and do not have their hair! I NEED OIL! I see the phrase “moisturize and seal” (M&S) on each blog that I read. I was curious. What is this foreign concept?

Well, it’s when you use a water-based moisturizer (make sure water is the first or second ingredient) and seal it in with an oil. I use the Dr. Miracle hair follicle oil, just until my oils come in. I am not sure whIch oil I will use afterwards. This is to be done daily (I do it at night). When applying, I pay close attention to the ends, which are the most fragile and driest part of our hair. When trying to grow hair out, it is important to take care of your ends, as that is where the length is retained! Getting an inch chopped of every 8 weeks is counterintuitive to my goals.

So what do I use to moisturize? My Alterna Caviar Hair Elixir Truffle. It is very concentrated, so about two pumps will do my entire length.

I have been M&S for about four days and can tell a huge different in my ends. They are so moist, instead of the dead, dry, crinkly ends that I am used to seeing!



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